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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (“ILL”) is the exchanging of books and materials between libraries to support the educational process of students, faculty and staff at Volunteer State Community College.


ILL is a service provided to faculty, staff and currently enrolled students at Volunteer State Community College. Persons not directly affiliated with the college should contact their public library for interlibrary loan service.

Faculty, students and staff of Vol State may request that books and magazine articles, not owned by the college, be borrowed from any library in the United States; however, resources at the Vol State library need to be used before requesting to borrow books and periodicals. Ask a Reference Librarian to help locate resources available at the Vol State library before submitting an ILL request.


Students are limited to two request/items at a time. When an item is returned, then a request will be accepted for another.

ILL requests from students are only accepted for materials related to a student's courses. Requests are not accepted for course textbooks.

The library account of the person making the request must be in good standing, i.e. the account cannot exceed the maximum number of items, no overdue materials and no current fines.


Volunteer State does not charge a fee for interlibrary loan; however, some lending libraries impose fees. Please indicate on the ILL request form the amount, if any, that you are willing to pay the lending library.

A fine of $1 a day is assessed by Vol State for the late return of ILL materials. Failure to return materials in a timely manner may lead to the suspension of ILL borrowing privileges in addition to the fine. The borrower is also responsible for any late, loss or damage fees imposed by the lending library.


Please check the Thigpen Library Catalog before submitting your request. Ask a Reference Librarian if you need help using the catalog or databases.

When requesting material, fill out the appropriate REQUEST FORM; there is a different form for books and articles. If you need a few pages from a book, request only those pages, not the entire book.

Carefully fill out the form and complete all the requested information to assure speedy and accurate processing. Incomplete and inaccurate requests will delay receipt of the material. The form can be submitted online, or you may print the form and give to either the Interlibrary Loan Office or to the Reference Desk or fax it to (615) 230 - 3410.


Plan ahead and allow at least 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of the materials to the Volunteer State Library.

Click here to request a book.

Click here to request an article.

In accordance with copyright guidelines, only 5 articles, published within the past five years, can be requested from a particular journal PER CALENDAR YEAR! There is no restriction for articles older than 5 years.

For any questions about the placing of an interlibrary loan request, contact Julie Brown at (615) 230 - 3438 or e-mail or