John B. Wallace Health Sciences Division

Career Degree Program

The College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree as a career ladder for persons who have successfully completed their program of study in Dental Assistant, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, EMT-Paramedic or Sleep Diagnostics.  The above certificates have credit hours that will transfer to the AAS-Health Sciences Degree.  A total of up to 32 hours from the certificate may be applied to the required degree hours.  Additional hours within that certificate may be applied to satisfy the elective degree hours as prescribed by the accrediting agency or advisor.  This degree is designed to assist Health Sciences and Emergency Service workers with their general and continuing education. To be admitted into this degree program, students must meet the same requirements for admission as do students in other degree programs at the College.

Associate of Applied Science - Health Sciences

General Education Requirements - Credits (16)

  • Humanities and/or Fine Arts Credits:  (3)
  • Natural Sciences - BIOL 2010 Preferred.  See Advisor.  Credits: (4)
  • One additional General Education course from any of the above categories (May include Communication, Math or Social/Behavioral Sciences) Credits: (3)
  • ENGL 1010-English Composition I Credits: (3)
  • PSYC 1030-General Psychology Credits: (3)
  • OR PSYC 2130 -Life Span Psychology Credits: (3)

Additional Degree Requirements-Credits (44)

  • Hours Transferred from one of the following Certificates:  Dental Assistant (48), Diagnostic Medical Sonography (39), Paramedic (43), or Sleep Diagnostics (31). Credits:  (31-32 hours)
  • Additional Elective Hours-may be from certificate; one of the following departments:  Math, Natural Sciences, or Health Sciences; or Advisor Approved.  All Paramedic students will be required to take AHC 111 as their advisor approved elective.  Credits: (12-13 hours)