What is MyVolstateOnline? What can it do for me?

MyVolstateOnline is a course management system (or CMS). It enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources. Because it is web-based, MyVolstateOnline allows "anytime, anywhere" access to learning content and administration.

MyVolstateOnline assists students to…

  • Access course materials anytime, anywhere
  • Collaborate with other students
  • Engage in course related activities in a single environment.
  • Learn new technology skills

On this site

Help for MyVolstateOnline is available in a variety of forms. Listed below is a brief description of the MyVolstateOnline tools with links to helpful information. Also included are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on each of the tools.

  • MyVolstateOnline Tip Sheet
  • Browser Check - Test your system settings to see if it is compatible with MyVolstateOnline requirements.
  • Classlist - The Classlist provides a list of students currently enrolled in a course.
  • Content - The Content tool is the main place you will go to get course content.
  • Discussions - The Discussions tool can be used for online discussions between you and other students and/or your instructor.
  • Dropbox - The Dropbox tool is an electronic storage space for documents you will be submitting to your instructor. Submissions are date and time stamped.
  • Events Calendar - You have access to an online calendar through the Schedule tool. Available on the My Home and My Course pages, the Schedule tool allows you to set reminders of important dates and activities
  • Grades - The Grades tool allows you to view your grade for the course.
  • MyHome - My Home is the main entry page for MyVolstateOnline. It is the first page you see after signing in to MyVolstateOnline. Like the Course Home page, this page contains a News section. However, this News section is controlled by the MyVolstateOnline Support Staff and is used for system announcements.
  • MyVolstateOnline Email - MyVolstateOnline has its own internal e-mail system that can only be used within MyVolstateOnline.
  • Pager - The Pager allows MyVolstateOnline users to "page" each other by sending a short text message. The next time that the person being paged enters the course, the pager will flash and beep that a message is waiting.
  • Preferences - The Preferences tool allows you to change your font settings, paging preferences, discussion room layout, email preferences, and password. Customizing your personal settings is a great way to ensure that you are comfortable in your learning environment.
  • Quizzes - The quiz tool is where your instructor will post quizzes and homework assignments.